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About Us

Miami Concierge and property management is a company that specializes in every need that any of our clients might have. Whether you need help running errands, property management, planning a perfect vacation to selling luxury real estate. With dedication and care we take our services to the next level and exceed all of our clients expectations. At Miami Concierge we believe that no job is too small or too big, we work to deliver what you need in the highest standard possible. Our dedicated team is here to serve and cater to just about anything you might need.

We have a team always ready to be on the go. Finding exclusive and hard to find products is not a problem for our team we can find just about anything. Remodeling your home has never been easier with our highly skilled interior designer. When feeling cluttered or just tired of the disorganization our specialized personal organizer can help declutter and reorganize any space in your home.

Priscila Gauch
Founder / Real Estate Agent
Sarah Ferreira
Manager / Real Estate Agent
Carlos Gauch
Real Estate Agent / Property Mgt
Grace Pires
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